Design Selection for 2021-2022

This page is for PTC representatives & Administration - please do not share this page directly with parents - thanks!!

Hi- the time is here to start picking your designs for the 2021 – 2022 school year. 


These are designs we offer to every school in the Valley. They can be specials for a short time or just something we think will translate well to all schools. You are welcome to choose Classics as your Exclusives, just know that others will be able to use them as well. New Classics for 2021-2022 will include our Checkerboard, made popular by Mountain View & Young + our Original Spirit Heart which was our 1st School Spirit Logo in 2016 with Fugman and again in 2020 with Oraze. It is fun to look at how designs can be changed in small ways to make a big difference. This is the link to our current Classic offerings & more are expected to be added over summer.



Every Specialty Partner will have FOUR Exclusive Designs plus access to 20+ Classic designs – here are some things to help with your decisions: 

  1. Your FIRST exclusive will be your traditional school logo – we can make add some text, but the thought is to offer your families a traditional design with your school mascot.
  2. Then you will have ONE more masculine & ONE more feminine design which will be yours for the school year – no other school in your district will have the same exclusive designs. Different levels may have similar designs, but not in the same area. Example: Kastner Intermediate will not have the same as Fort Washington Elementary, but could be similar to Young Elementary.
  3. The FOURTH design can be more of a Kinder or Newest focus or can just be something else you like.
  4. You can keep your current design(s) if you feel not many parents have purchased them or you just really like them, but remember you only get 4 exclusive designs for the school year.
  5. We are giving priority based on sales in 2020-2021 – sending them out in groups of 5 schools at a time.
  6. Below there are links to over 800 design ideas for you to look at – these are a majority of the designs we have done over the last 2 school years. If you do not see what you are wanting to do, please send us screen shots of what you would like – this is just a guide to help you decide. Please excuse pink lines or odd formatting – this is a work in progress document that I have had many interns work on in the past & with time being a precious commodity right now, I chose to send as is rather than continuing to make it perfect!!
  7. Send back your TOP design numbers by the due date on the email we sent with this link. We recommend listing 5-10 of your favorite designs just in case others in your group like the same ones & reply before you do, we want to have options for you! 
  8. After schools start confirming their designs, we will have a list below of the numbers that are no longer available. They may still be in the Design Guides, so please cross-reference your list if possible. 

We are really looking forward to partnering with your families & staff again – thanks for the opportunity!!

CLICK THE LINKS BELOW to see our Design Guides - we recommend using a computer, not a mobile device. Due to the size, we had to create multiple files.

Design Guide A

Design Guide B

Design Guide C

Design Guide D

Design Guide E

Design Guide F

Designs No Longer Available:












 **This document will change often, so please check back if you have questions.**