Designs! My Dude

Designs! My Dude. is a start up organization based out of Fresno, California. 

We are four college seniors at Fresno Pacific University who were challenged by our professor to create a start-up organization for our Business Seminar class. He challenged us with a financial goal, but we wanted to do something more than meet a financial goal.

The four of us decided to strive to give as much back to the community as we can. So we decided to design t-shirts and with every t-shirt purchased a bible will be  donated to a child affiliated with Fresno’s Youth for Christ. 

Members of Designs! My Dude:
Tyler Price
Stasik Durkin
Jireh Mukawa
Jorg Letkemann

We are all hoping to make a difference in the community one t-shirt at a time!


Please contact Designs! My Dude for more information about their project:



Call/Text 559-825-7739


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