Creek Fire Support

A message from our Founder:
     On Friday, September 4th at 6:21pm a fire erupted in the Sierra National Forest near Shaver Lake and was called the Creek Fire. Hundreds of structures have been lost. Thousands have been evacuated. First responders are tirelessly battling the blaze. And the counties of Fresno & Madera are bonding together to support those who need help.
     We decided to launch a line of apparel & accessories to raise money for the kids of the Creek Fire. Matt created a powerful design and we didn’t realize how the reds & oranges in the bear would so mimic the sky seen all around the state the past few days.
     Driving out Friant Road this week, I came upon the site of a fire from July. The devastation of the blackened trees and ground cover was terrible & it was only maybe about an acre or so. I can’t even imagine what it must look like to see almost 200K acres burned like that by the Creek Fire, let alone the over 2 million acres in California burned so far in 2020.
     But it was something else that I saw that made me even more emotional as the day went on. It was the simple fact that there CAN be and WILL be re-growth. That out of the blackened ground there were patches of greenery & white flowers growing. Seeing those flowers I realized that as a community we can come together to help others. Not just that we CAN come together but that we WILL come together.
     And I know that it may just be a shirt or hat we are selling, but to us this apparel is hope for a better day. These items can be the reason a student gets a new laptop for distance learning. It can be the reason a child smiles when they get to buy new clothes & toys because the couldn’t fit very much in the car when they rushed to evacuate.
     I am truly looking forward to donating to the Creek Fire area school districts to directly support kids affected by the fires. We can made a difference, so please join me by purchasing, donating and by sharing with your friends & family.
With faith & love,
Vanessa Markarian